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asbestos removal

Asbestos can be found in any residential or industrial building built or refurbished before the year 2000. It is in many of the common materials used in the building trade. Some of these materials should only be worked on by a trained contractor.



Rainbow International work with bSure, who are experts in tackling the risk of asbestos. Our technicians are trained through their training and accreditation programmes. We also utilise them for technical support, so our technicians can keep up-to-date with legislation, regulations and governance.

bSure also provide the sample testing service – meaning our customers could have samples tested and results back with them within 48 hours – resulting in any scheduled removal, restoration or maintenance work being able to commence without long delays.

Rainbow International have a clear duty of care to policyholders and customers, to risk assess for asbestos as part of any initial reports. For any removals of asbestos materials that require a licensed contractor – Rainbow International have great relationships with licensed contractors, meaning we can offer a comprehensive asbestos removal service for any situation.

Asbestos was used in many different building materials which, if disturbed or compromised, could cause a serious health risk. The most common, but not exclusive, incidents of asbestos disturbance in the home happen with the following:

  • Redecoration
  • Renovation
  • Replacement flooring
  • Fitting new windows
  • Fitting new soffits

Asbestos Removal

Removal of:

  • asbestos cement products (eg roof sheeting) where the material will be substantially damaged or broken up (eg as a result of fire or flood damage)
  • asbestos cement products (eg roof sheeting) where the material will be substantially broken up, creating significant quantities of dust and debris (eg ‘dropping’ an asbestos cement roof)
  • asbestos paper and cardboard products if not firmly bonded in a matrix

Short duration work:

  • to remove asbestos insulating board as part of a refurbishment project
  • involving asbestos insulation eg repairing minor damage to a small section of pipe insulation where the exterior coating has been broken or damaged

Other work on:

  • large-scale removal of textured decorative coatings using steaming or gelling methods (eg beyond that required for maintenance activities such as installation/replacement of smoke alarms and fittings)

Examples of Licensable Work with Asbestos:

  • Removing sprayed coatings (limpet asbestos)
    Removal or other work which may disturb pipe lagging
    Involving loose fill insulation
  • On asbestos millboard
  • Cleaning up significant quantities of loose/fine debris containing ACM dust (where the work is not sporadic and of low intensity, the control limit will be exceeded or it is not short duration work)
  • On AIB, where the risk assessment indicates that it will not be of short duration